Habitat for Humanity
DC Renewable Energy is thrilled to announce that Habitat for Humanity, St. Vrain in Longmont, Colorado committed to becoming the first Platio Solar Paver installation project in the United States!
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Bringing the World of Solar into the Next Generation
Join the revolution to bring solar pavement to the planet!
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Solar Architecture
Enhance your business presence while reducing your energy cost. Solar pavement can make your company a staple of design and efficiency.
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Make solar energy part of your home design
Adding Solar Pavement to your driveway decreases your reliance on commercial energy and increases value to your home.
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Green Cities
Imagine the possibilities. Open the door to the future. Make Solar Pavements the next wave of human ingenuity.
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The Platio Tile

The NEXT GENERATION of Building Materials

Made from slip-resistant, durable material and embedded on a recyclable plastic paving slab. 

Solar Cells

High performance photovoltaic cells collect the energy of solar irradiance on the level of pavement.

Modular System

Modular units interlock together creating a solar surface.

Glass Tiles

Highly solid, tempered, scratch and slip-resistant hardened glass tiles protect the cells.

Recycled Material

The base is made from recycled plastic which gives it a durable structure, and a superior lifespan to concrete.

Meet The Tiles

Fast & easy installation
Using a modular design any installation is fast and easy to execute, similar to conventional tiling.
Platio operates on safe low voltage and provides the highest available level of anti skidding.
High quality engineering ensures resistance to load, impact, scratches and weather, while providing vandalism resilience
Green energy is harvested by high performing solar cells that are integrated into the pavement.
Simple to operate and maintain
Platio is user friendly and is maintained like any conventional pavement.
Available now
Unlike futuristic concepts and prototypes, Platio is an existing technology, available now.


First of its kind, Platio allows sustainable luxury by combining recycled materials with renewable energy, creating a beautiful environment for residential areas.


Solar energy from the pavement for buildings

For office buildings, shopping malls and other public infrastructures, Platio offers a ready-to-use solution for harvesting additional green energy without reducing valuable exterior surfaces. 

For smart cities, the Platio Solar Pavement provides a smart, space-saving and sustainable way to produce energy for public buildings and street devices such as mobile chargers, EV charger or streetlights.

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