Green Building System (GBS)

Solar energy from the pavement for buildings

For office buildings, shopping malls and other public infrastructures, the Platio Green Building System (GBS) offers a ready-to-use solution for harvesting additional green energy without reducing valuable exterior surfaces. Platio GBS uses recycled materials and renewable energy to transform any building into a landmark of architecture and sustainability.





With Platio pavement, solar technology becomes a part of the built environment without taking up valuable space.

Visibly green, aesthetic design

Platio’s solar pavement design transforms any building into a landmark of architecture and sustainability. Platio pavement improves the public image of your business and supports green CSR goals.

Recycled material

Platio contributes to creating a sustainable living environment and a greener future. To derive value from waste, Platio pavement is comprised of recycled plastic and glass, as well as debris.

Low operational complexity

Platio’s pavement configuration offers simpler maintenance compared to regular roof-mounted solar panels.

Solar EV System

Encourage Sustainable E-Mobility With EV Charger Systems

Efficient green energy

Safe, anti-skid surface

Durable & weather resistant

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