Solar Design Innovation for Modern Homes

Innovation for Homes

Platio manufactures the first and only home solar pavement that is commercially available to homeowners and that creates sustainable luxury and beautiful environments.

Smart and Aesthetic

With virtually no maintenance costs, Platio HS offers a reasonable return of investment, allowing innovative homeowners to invest in solar technology and beautiful home design at the same time.

Energy Independence

The Platio Home Solar Pavement allows homeowners to reduce dependency of external energy supply and to sell excess energy.

More Attractive Design

Different than any previous solar technologies, Platio Home Solar Pavement enhances and redefines the beauty of homes by integrating solar harvesting into the home design.

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Kecskemét, Hungary

Installation Type: Roof and Driveway

Installation Date: 10-2019

Kolinke, Germany

Installation Type: Patio

Installation Date: 10-2019

Bohnet, Germany

Installation Type: Garden

Installation Date: 7-2019

Fast & easy installation

Safe, anti-skid surface

Durable & weather resistant

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